Sinking Horizon

He carries a bagful of burden

And ventures in search of his identity,

Toiling day after day like programmed zombies

Embracing uncertainty among the mist;

Yet perceivers towards the unknown future

Seeking acceptance amidst his social sphere.


What lies behind those doors is unknown till it’s open,

Solomon’s treasure perhaps or just another diversion.

He’s honed since young to serve humanity

He’s even told to live his life,

So what the rationality behind this bipolarity?

Contradictory ideas are fed just the same

So how does he learn in this to remain sane?


Yet through it all, he is expected

To be a father, to be a son;

A loving husband and a dependable friend.

Not a moment he has to spare to feel his emotions once again,

Not another, to feel burdens lessen.

What was it that he pursued so undaunted

Now his footprints are long gone.


No sound of his words still flutter

Not a trace remain of his swagger

And as our own life take inhibition

Soon enough his memories will be forgotten.



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Drowning Bridge

The heart seems a little heavy tonight,

My words have lost its touch to console.

The bridge that connected the two, is

Held by a single strand of hope.

But that hope has long been overshadowed;

It’s only a matter of time till this is over

And along with it, this hope, this relationship.


Sometimes I wonder why it’s harder to say ‘Hi’ than ‘Goodbye’,

And sometimes it’s just hard to sit across the table.


I apologize for the times I’ve not being around,

But there were days when I needed you too.

Now the bridge has come down; not sure what it holds for us two.

Am I not allowed to falter because I’m your son?

I’m sorry father; I couldn’t be that perfect son.

A son you could be proud of, a son you could admire,

A son you could cherish, who would fulfil your desires.


I hope your dreams if not all, some will come true,

Wherever I may be, I will always love you.

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Rocks Beside Me

Embracing quiet midnight, with the air of blue,

A full moon blooms at a distance, sinking my loneliness.

A sense of company she bestow upon those thousand broken hearts,

Yet, none have ever known her to be but alone.


You are their friend, their comforter,

But do you have one for your own, I wonder.

I drown my dreams as you and I can never be,

I rather be with the rocks that lay beside me.

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Being gripped by constant gloom and pessimism,

Blurs out even the sun on a bright sunny day.

What must have the world done to you,

That you can identify neither green nor blue.


Or is it a societal harvest of Plenty

That now blossoms of brainwashed seeds.

Ripping each soul from within, like parasites,

And none too humble to take the blame.


And as they rise, they rise to be victims,

Prey to this judgemental world,

None’s story is ever heard, none’s sorrow ever felt,

Yet, a branded sinner to the underworld.


Not surprisingly, I am a part of this world too,

Hence, also the prime accused,

Let not your love drive prejudice in this

For I am unworthy, and

I plead myself guilty.

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In Honour Of Glorious Days

The term has ended

For the last time we stand together,

With robes adorning us

And hats in midway flight.

Each to their separate ways,

Towards the unknown future.

Some towards reunion;

Some, to separate.


To embrace this desolate landscape

And fill it with wonders,

And leave our marks in this sea washed shore

Where our footprints, wash away constantly;

But those beach walks will linger on

In form of vague memories.


We have charted our three years mission

And more awaits our revealing.

These little experiences, together, we have overcome

In future, will ensure our prevailing.

 Then, a ‘thank you’ may be far away,

But a grin will rise, to honour these glorious days.

Until there be no foot to impress prints in the sand,

And all our footprints washed away.

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Lovely Tears

The sun sets, slowly, across the horizon

Pitiful tears shed; they shed but give no meaning.

Lamenting tear futile for its worth,

Consumed by fear of the dark, that hovers not too far.

Another tear sacrificed, but in vain

And yet another, volunteers to do the same,

Their fall shed no light upon the blackened sky,

But calms the restless heart that’s gripped in pain.


As moisture on the cheeks disappear

A silver lining of hope collides with my soul.

A mechanism long considered for granted

Tonight, once again, proves it prominence.

The road is long; there are, even still, rougher roads

But this hope I carry, in your remembrance;

My lovely tears,

Your sacrifices will not go in vein.

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Air of Rural Mockery

In the dream,

We trailed through the forest, once again

Like we always did,

In the air of rural mockery,

As vivid as the back of our palms

Another day to cherish and bundle of laughter shared

With you, every second was worth even more.


In the dream,

Together we have braved no less than mighty storms

And our companionship was still going strong.

Just a facial gesture to ensure comfort,

And that this moment is second to none.

Surprised that I didn’t bear any presents,

Surprised, that it was your birthday.


Though, in reality,

You’re birthday, I have never known.

In reality,

You have long been gone.

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Be There, Tonight…

Come, sit beside me;

I’ve noticed you sneaking on me for a while now.

Isn’t that why you came; to keep me company?

Thought the towering heights of this city,

And the bustling noise around,

Would be a perfect camouflage, and I could escape you.


And escape I did, but just for a while.

Don’t know what got in my way today,

That I let you catch up with me.

Maybe it was starting to get a little lonely

In you absence; we have had our share of fun,

Under the rain, and with smoke in hand.


Oh, how I’ve missed you, though at times

You make me cry.

Be there, Solitude, tomorrow.

Be there, tonight…

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A Thought of Existence

I ran, I ran in joy,

Dodging my parents and my brothers;

As fast as my two little feet carried,

A race towards the sun lit fun.

Towards the open park that awaits

My arrival, and swings how they chatter.

Like fairytales they remain, deep, somewhere

Suspended between the subconscious and the obvious.


I walk; I walk in moderate pace,

Now that I’ve learnt to place

Myself decently within this society, and taken

A step closer to becoming a man that I need to be.

The race has begun; I did not hear the gun,

Who was I fooling when I stood there so naïve.

Keeping pace with Joneses, I’d be a medallist,

Suddenly, it’s all about competition.


I fell; I fell harder than I’ve ever known

Attempting to scratch the undisturbed sky.

Within the stronghold of oblivion,

Even life has seldom mattered.

I crawled, till I could crawl no more.

My own body becomes a burden to restore.

24 hours is no longer a joke to survive,

Yet, we let the thought of existence silently pass by.



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A Swamp of Mismatched Thoughts

Tonight I’m blue,

I scale the moist sidewalks back home.

Amidst shivering breeze,

I walk with adolescent joy shying away.


In pleasure of good friends or intoxicating glass of wine,

Neither makes quite the impression to win my attention.

Rather, a swamp of mismatched thoughts crawls deep into my head,

And keeps me from straying away, but from thinking of you.


No hand to clasp. My chest, unembraced.

Awkward silence prevails ironically in solitude.

I let my duvet smother me, hoping for a fast track into dreams

And eagerly await tomorrow when beside me you would lay.



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