Most people would sum me up as a Walking-Talking Contradicting Weirdo. To myself, well I’m just another average kid, who still believes in fairy tales, and always finds time to wander around aimlessly, ignoring reality, but hey, I’m not the only one who wants to runaway from his life, admit it.

I’m just another son, brother and friend like most of you. I love writing but hate books, have the tendency to sketch from time to time, and would usually find myself doing something out of the ordinary(i.e. in a weird sense). Like most of us I’ve tried my hands on literally everything, from Football to Mining to Baking. I play the guitar too and love to cook (that doesn’t mean that it taste’s good, its just cooked). Enjoyed manual labour as a child and still do. Socialising was the only agenda for going to school, who cares where the world faced, or how long the dinosaurs been dead, what made sense to me was instantaneous reactions – I work for you, you pay me; you slap me, I punch you.  Most of you who know me might find this contradicting as you probably might have never seen me angry even, but hey its the thought that counts (and don’t give me that c**p, “Actions speak louder than words”, because I sure can punch harder than I can scream).

I’m the kind of guy who most people come to when they need some advice on love, and quite surprisingly I manage to pull a string and work things out for them again. But those formula’s  were never applicable to myself. So I was just another lover boy who scribbled in the middle of the night looking up at the moon (such a loser).  I, literally, have just stared this blog, I’m not so sure how its gonna be or what I’m gonna post in it but feel free to criticize..!! Walnam…


2 Responses to About

  1. pure2core says:

    You know one thing ..You are thoroughly outspoken …That’s really gr8 quality I appreciate in you . You seem to be a really good human..There’s no other qualification need than this one…for living….Some people are born to heal you are one among them.
    All the best friend…..

  2. jagring says:

    Thank you very much, really appreciate your comment and wishes. That left me flattered for a moment (I admit… :p), but you might think otherwise if you had known me in person; haha, I guess that will always remain a mystery…

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