Freedom Of Love


Lucky are those who gets to embrace love

Even on its momentary

Most of us just get by in anticipation,

In regret, in jealousy, in anger, in melancholy.


In search of a just and equitable world where

All can love whoever they choose,

Where love is free, love is pure,

Where love comes with no inhibitions.


One’s freedom to love, shouldn’t dictate

Another’s to reciprocate.

Despite of all the people they could’ve loved,

They chose to love you.


In the ocean of ever changing space and time

Coping along with unpredictable tides

They have the freedom to love you from here till there,

Yet they choose still, to love you.


That once upon a time, despite all odds

If not forever, at least for a while

You chose to love me.

And that’s all that matters.

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