Dark Rain


The rattling sound of rain trembling on the roof

Engulfs me in cold embrace of comfort and familiarity,

Very few can breeze past the maze that leads to me

But your beckons sway me rather quite easily.


Something about this nocturnal life is infused with energy,

Stories behind this low lid tide squeals to break free;

With rain pearls kissing my skin, we become one in unison

The rain and I, we are destined.


What is it about you my beloved damp night

Or is it a magnitude within me,

That draws us even closer to feel completeness

Like opposite poles of magnet be.


How beautiful my bride, your dark hair, moist skin;

Your rumbling voice, and electrifying kisses.

Alas! Nor are you a woman, neither am I inanimate;

Like meeting of two poles, forever forbidden.

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