This Place Once So Familiar

I leave behind a part of me,

In this place once so familiar;

To return to a place I once called home,

And pick up the parts that have long disappeared.

Restricted by pockets, there is just that much I can carry

And the waves are drifting me further into the sea.

Soon, another life to live, far unlike this one,

Once again, at the start line, waiting for the gun.


Will this place find me familiar, if I return some day?

And reignite vivid memories where even they lay;

The sidewalks that I’ve traced, in the parks that I’ve walked,

Will you remember me some day?

In fact will my own home recognize this drifter?

Not abandoned, but just been long away.

 And will it embrace me as her loving child,

Or just leave me astray?

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7 Responses to This Place Once So Familiar

  1. Taylor Boomer says:

    of course, we remember you…

    fabulous thoughts.

  2. Aya Wilson says:

    homely sentiments,

    life goes in cycles, keep trying, you will be there some day. maybe.

    good luck.
    Happy Rally.

  3. elizena says:

    I’d like to think that no matter how long ago we wandered from a place we once called home that we can always return and find that someone has lit a candle and put it in the window to welcome us back.
    This was well written and I could feel a strong longing for home and someplace to belong. The imagery was vivid and I felt like I could actually put my hand out and touch those feelings. Great job and thanks so much for sharing with us; have a blessed week.

    • jagring says:

      True,, my return has been rather warm too. More like a zoo animal rather, everyone crowding to have a glance.. 😛
      Its an honor that you read volumes out of those simple lines, and my deeper privilege to exhibit my works in a platform that appreciates.. Thanks a lot Elizena..!!

  4. we do miss old friends while enjoy something new.

    powerful reflection.

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