Sinking Horizon

He carries a bagful of burden

And ventures in search of his identity,

Toiling day after day like programmed zombies

Embracing uncertainty among the mist;

Yet perceivers towards the unknown future

Seeking acceptance amidst his social sphere.


What lies behind those doors is unknown till it’s open,

Solomon’s treasure perhaps or just another diversion.

He’s honed since young to serve humanity

He’s even told to live his life,

So what the rationality behind this bipolarity?

Contradictory ideas are fed just the same

So how does he learn in this to remain sane?


Yet through it all, he is expected

To be a father, to be a son;

A loving husband and a dependable friend.

Not a moment he has to spare to feel his emotions once again,

Not another, to feel burdens lessen.

What was it that he pursued so undaunted

Now his footprints are long gone.


No sound of his words still flutter

Not a trace remain of his swagger

And as our own life take inhibition

Soon enough his memories will be forgotten.



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2 Responses to Sinking Horizon

  1. Will life get the better of you that you start forgetting your memories?

    • jagring says:

      I gather your interpretation are quite distinct from my own. At the end of the day, of course, each if free to make their individual interpretation. But to answer your question, its humanly impossible to forget everything (unless you are suffferng from amnesia or alzimer) and I meant not forgetting, but no one else knowing, for once he’s gone so will his memories with him..!!

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