Being gripped by constant gloom and pessimism,

Blurs out even the sun on a bright sunny day.

What must have the world done to you,

That you can identify neither green nor blue.


Or is it a societal harvest of Plenty

That now blossoms of brainwashed seeds.

Ripping each soul from within, like parasites,

And none too humble to take the blame.


And as they rise, they rise to be victims,

Prey to this judgemental world,

None’s story is ever heard, none’s sorrow ever felt,

Yet, a branded sinner to the underworld.


Not surprisingly, I am a part of this world too,

Hence, also the prime accused,

Let not your love drive prejudice in this

For I am unworthy, and

I plead myself guilty.

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2 Responses to Ragers

  1. Justin says:

    beautiful wonders…..

    best regards.

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