In Honour Of Glorious Days

The term has ended

For the last time we stand together,

With robes adorning us

And hats in midway flight.

Each to their separate ways,

Towards the unknown future.

Some towards reunion;

Some, to separate.


To embrace this desolate landscape

And fill it with wonders,

And leave our marks in this sea washed shore

Where our footprints, wash away constantly;

But those beach walks will linger on

In form of vague memories.


We have charted our three years mission

And more awaits our revealing.

These little experiences, together, we have overcome

In future, will ensure our prevailing.

 Then, a ‘thank you’ may be far away,

But a grin will rise, to honour these glorious days.

Until there be no foot to impress prints in the sand,

And all our footprints washed away.

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