Air of Rural Mockery

In the dream,

We trailed through the forest, once again

Like we always did,

In the air of rural mockery,

As vivid as the back of our palms

Another day to cherish and bundle of laughter shared

With you, every second was worth even more.


In the dream,

Together we have braved no less than mighty storms

And our companionship was still going strong.

Just a facial gesture to ensure comfort,

And that this moment is second to none.

Surprised that I didn’t bear any presents,

Surprised, that it was your birthday.


Though, in reality,

You’re birthday, I have never known.

In reality,

You have long been gone.

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8 Responses to Air of Rural Mockery

  1. Usha Dawn says:

    Touching… keep faith

  2. A sad memorial to companionship, and to days that were memorable enough to stay with you, but will never be experienced again.

  3. Kay Salady says:

    Bittersweet. ♥

  4. Alcina says:

    It took a sharp turn from total cheer to a sad end..
    Very nice flow!

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