A Thought of Existence

I ran, I ran in joy,

Dodging my parents and my brothers;

As fast as my two little feet carried,

A race towards the sun lit fun.

Towards the open park that awaits

My arrival, and swings how they chatter.

Like fairytales they remain, deep, somewhere

Suspended between the subconscious and the obvious.


I walk; I walk in moderate pace,

Now that I’ve learnt to place

Myself decently within this society, and taken

A step closer to becoming a man that I need to be.

The race has begun; I did not hear the gun,

Who was I fooling when I stood there so naïve.

Keeping pace with Joneses, I’d be a medallist,

Suddenly, it’s all about competition.


I fell; I fell harder than I’ve ever known

Attempting to scratch the undisturbed sky.

Within the stronghold of oblivion,

Even life has seldom mattered.

I crawled, till I could crawl no more.

My own body becomes a burden to restore.

24 hours is no longer a joke to survive,

Yet, we let the thought of existence silently pass by.



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6 Responses to A Thought of Existence

  1. miffalicious says:

    Then there are people who spend most of their time questioning their existence. Is that better?

  2. pure2core says:

    You’ve done it again..You project your views in a extraordinary way..The main thing is when a person starts reading he/she can’t stop reading till the end of it.. :))) Thanks for share….

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