Gullible Hesitation


I fear my fear as I lay next to you, and

A slip of my hand, over your tummy, slides through.

Their bodies unfamiliar, yet

There is confidence between the two.

And I try to grip you tighter,

 More so, to ease myself than you.


With every flicker the dawn grew brighter,

And that meant we’re getting up too.

Yet I try to imitate and hesitate, to

Convince myself that morning is still a distant view;

And I fear, indulging myself in you

I’d lose my way getting back too.


What lies between this timidness and affection

Seldom crave an answer for simplification.

I shelter cold morning dew,

In hopes I haven’t disheartened you.

The morning breaks in gullible hesitation

And you smile.., denounces all apprehension.


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11 Responses to Gullible Hesitation

  1. miffalicious says:

    I’m glad to see you are writing again.

  2. Oh, I really love this; I can see my own relationship and my personal emotions reflected in it.

  3. Kay Salady says:

    What a beautiful narrative on the morning after. Wow!

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