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Be There, Tonight…

Come, sit beside me; I’ve noticed you sneaking on me for a while now. Isn’t that why you came; to keep me company? Thought the towering heights of this city, And the bustling noise around, Would be a perfect camouflage, … Continue reading

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A Thought of Existence

I ran, I ran in joy, Dodging my parents and my brothers; As fast as my two little feet carried, A race towards the sun lit fun. Towards the open park that awaits My arrival, and swings how they chatter. … Continue reading

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A Swamp of Mismatched Thoughts

Tonight I’m blue, I scale the moist sidewalks back home. Amidst shivering breeze, I walk with adolescent joy shying away.   In pleasure of good friends or intoxicating glass of wine, Neither makes quite the impression to win my attention. … Continue reading

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Gullible Hesitation

  I fear my fear as I lay next to you, and A slip of my hand, over your tummy, slides through. Their bodies unfamiliar, yet There is confidence between the two. And I try to grip you tighter,  More … Continue reading

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