Tether of Prejudice

If disappearing was an option,

I’d give it my hundred percent.

My hands have grown far too weak

To lift even these chains those bind me.

Watching the sun kiss the earth goodbye,

And rising so welcomingly-

One must wonder where he harnesses his energy

To move on so diligently without fatigue.


This man walks for he has the right,

But his destination, not chosen by him.

He claps, but not as his will

And his laugh, dictated.

Such has become of the world,

Fabricated with chocolate icing

Marketing at its best, but

Even he knows how it’s utterly deceiving.


But if it’s the only life you have know,

And have walked in hand with organisations.

Feel less at guilt,

For it is out of general consensus.

Why then do we stick to such conformity?

Has the trust between brothers lost?

Or trust, itself, has become a subject of scrutiny?

Even worse, an innate sub consciousness game of pride and prejudice.


For lack of a better judgement or ignorance,

Or simply, to comfort my own soul.

I pray that it’s a feeling that sticks

Not to the heart, but gently blows.


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