I’ve worshipped you each day

And dreamt of togetherness,

But you chose to shine melancholy

Uniting lovers under yourself.

Like a just parent

Paying equal heed to its offsprings,

My efforts of affection

Remain untouched and unfruitful.


Yes, I was blinded by your soothing

And for you I’ve long aspired,

But tonight, please take my apology

And finally, set me free.

I oppose to dancing with flamboyant stars

Where I have no say,

For I rather find my place

Amidst the humble rocks that I lay.

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6 Responses to Stars

  1. Taylor says:

    you shall feel free , who ever tied you up?

    your lover is misunderstood by you maybe, love is not easy, no united lovers will work at all.
    that’s my personal belief, never confuse friends or supportive friends with lovers,

    good luck on your journey.

    • jagring says:

      It could be that I’ve been dreaming for the stars when I am a rock myself. I rather be with the rocks right, or maybe wait for some shooting stars to fall down to earth ..!!

  2. sad, well put.

    cheer up, it is not the end of the world.

  3. ~L says:

    being sorry with a humble spirit… how beautiful and raw! Beautiful Poem!


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