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Tether of Prejudice

If disappearing was an option, I’d give it my hundred percent. My hands have grown far too weak To lift even these chains those bind me. Watching the sun kiss the earth goodbye, And rising so welcomingly- One must wonder … Continue reading

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Inhibiting Jargon

If picture could paint a thousand words, Imagine what witnessing the moment would provoke. And she sailed, sailed gaily Through the sidewalk which harboured the visiting snow.   As the magical sprinkles showered upon her, She shot a sight of … Continue reading

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I’ve worshipped you each day And dreamt of togetherness, But you chose to shine melancholy Uniting lovers under yourself. Like a just parent Paying equal heed to its offsprings, My efforts of affection Remain untouched and unfruitful.   Yes, I … Continue reading

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