She Suffocates


She suffocates,

Under her own tongue,

And her beliefs, too strong to bend

Even before her own concern.

She wears a halo of insecurities

As she attempts every earthly option

What she seeks is far beyond the horizon

Her path, ever uncertain.


The brim of solitude gnaws her, and

Drops her from escalating heights

She’s withered, but unbeaten.

A capriccio of her life.


She smirks off bombarding comments,

Undaunted on her quest.

Her body shrivelled; her hopes punctured;

But still crawls unturned.

And amidst all

Her charitable hands, still forgiving;

Finding peace in her damaged self,

She knows the end is rewarding.


Come, sit for a while;


Move on.

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13 Responses to She Suffocates

  1. yes, breathe, and move on…

    what a lovely note on her.

  2. Morning says:

    vivid imagery in your words.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. magher1 says:

    A dramatic beginning and a peaceful ending… Interesting combination! 🙂

    • jagring says:

      I guess that’s the story behind every journey. Its seldom that we retain our passion for what we started with full spirit till the end. it gets weary along the way, and when its over you’re just glad that you’re still not broken..!!

  4. “She’s withered, but unbeaten”… have a way with words…..
    it’s a great poem and am glad you are sharing it with us…..

  5. Poets Rally says:

    notice that you won the perfect poet award for poets rally week 57, welcome take it,

    join us any time when you are free.

    outstanding poetry along the way, truly enjoyed your lasting support.

    keep rocking.


  6. Purvi says:

    I just loved loved loved it! Very touching, coz I could empathize completely.
    I am at:

  7. ~L says:

    M goodness ! I felt your words so deep ASIC they could have been my own… I related to this… The way yu wrote this beyound beautiful!!!


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