Perfect Porcelain

You never spoke of conquering heights,

Or of scars you have to mend.

You never showed a tear in your eye,

Or haunting fear from nightmares.

No pity too subtle, no rage overpowering;

No karma too harsh, no miracles ‘moving’.


You never lit a melancholy candle of hope,

Or rituals appeasing faith.

You never spoke of the world’s wisdom,

Or proved too timid to brave.

What fits the hand is for the taking;

What falls otherwise is not worth bothering.


And as you moulded us for the kiln,

We take shapes into perfect porcelain.

Can we make it through with sanity ?

As fading colours of life give way to reality.

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22 Responses to Perfect Porcelain

  1. Morning says:

    amazing, thanks for linking.

  2. Pamanner says:

    I liked the “haunting fear from nightmares.” I wrote about dreams this week, also. 🙂

  3. hope that you make it through.

    incredible writing.

  4. We take shapes into perfect porcelain…lets hope we don’t get too badly chipped or broken. Nice piece.

  5. Last line speaks of faded colours …. like it 🙂

  6. shail says:

    Beautifully expressed thoughts!

  7. Love the way the last stanza sums it all up. I enjoyed reading this creatively written poem.

  8. caridwen says:

    This is a beautiful piece – thank you for sharing it with us!

  9. anjum wasim dar says:

    sanity is rare , a good question and a thoughtful writeup

  10. ~L says:

    I am deeply moved by this poem! You discribe so well and creative n emotion and thoughts …. I’m a fan! …and I look forward to reading more of your work!

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