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Perfect Porcelain

You never spoke of conquering heights, Or of scars you have to mend. You never showed a tear in your eye, Or haunting fear from nightmares. No pity too subtle, no rage overpowering; No karma too harsh, no miracles ‘moving’. … Continue reading

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Silent Embrace

The weight’s been heavy on me And winter chose to be a stranger Lustrous days have quietly tiptoed by Morning dawn shattered my hopes of new light As I turned into the phantom of the night   When exhaustion almost … Continue reading

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Near Conclusion

Seven long years and pain couldn’t put you down I let my hand shake, but won’t put on a frown. Disfigured physically and mentally, yet braved You’ve braved through the alarming tides.   The drag, years on, gave way to … Continue reading

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Blowing Tantrums

The lights are din, rather dark; No stars to ornate the skylark. Here again with confused emotions Trying to make sense of all this commotion. Did I miss my herd where Moses led The way to mental peace with no … Continue reading

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A Winter Walk

It’s been a while, but your touch remains crisp, Our timeline flashes by, when I give reality a slip The warmth of my hands have lost its charm Even slicing winter cold could, but do lesser harm.    I brew … Continue reading

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Pensive Adagio

Bewildered, but I see; I wonder where this is leading me. Confused, not quite; I can still see the flashing green light. Bundled innocence I had with me, when I set off on this journey, Has dripped down, found its … Continue reading

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