Beautiful Tyranny

Roadside petals bloomed with glory

Amidst the dust and tyranny,

Swallowing harshness of each driving by

Yet smiling gaily for the needy.


Solitary, standing tall,

Hidden in façade, a melancholic beauty.

My instinctive pity provoked me

To neither pluck nor abandon.


I watered it and left it on its quest,

To paint a picture with all its colour

For those like me,

Whose life longs for a little beauty.

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12 Responses to Beautiful Tyranny

  1. pure2core says:

    Am so blessed to have such a good poet friend…Know what. every poem shows up so evidently your humanity…lovely lovely poetry indeed…Thanks for share…

  2. Morning says:

    smiles do not cost, bless you.
    some beautiful sentiments shared here.


  3. Mandy Calvin says:

    “My instinctive pity provoked me
    To neither pluck nor abandon.” This is my favorite part. This is a simplely lovely and wonderful poem, thanks for sharing.

  4. powerful,
    Thanks for your contribution to poets rally.

    come again tomorrow for another round of fun, best.


  5. this is indeed a beautiful poem :). the message is wonderfully conveyed and the imagery simply lovely 🙂

    • jagring says:

      Really appreciate for stopping by, especially someone who have published two books till date. Your comment is worth more than what those lines of encouragement can be..!!

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