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Synchronised Sigh

Those silent gazes that you render, takes everything off me And my heart skips a beat, unsure if its origin be of joy or dismay. Magnificence I behold, like a fading sunset, Holds even greater beauty in its momentary.   … Continue reading

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Wicked Envy

Like the fading rain the summer tempest ends, Yet again, to return someday once again But to no one’s ease or pain. But again, the summer tempest sets yet again.   This time around, luck fell a little too short … Continue reading

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Exquisite Reconstruction

To look back and search for your sweetest dreams, Where you might have dropped it, along this journey. Sustaining just few recollections of this lifelong path, Succumbed to this path of non-infringement. Had no time to gather fallen memories, Those … Continue reading

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