Thunder On Intervals

Here, again, in this empty room I stand,

With peeping rain shattering on the sand;

A cherished past in my own hands

The mighty thunder’s face smiling at me

How it satisfies this longing irony.


Alone on this comforting empty room,

The chilly breeze seeks recognition ‘Do you remember me.?’

Like a long-lost friend awaiting remembrance of her identity.

How could such serenity be present amongst you and me,

Putting into shame God’s own divine heaven.


Then I open my eyes, I realise,

I’m stitched to daily conformity.

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21 Responses to Thunder On Intervals

  1. Jingle says:


    love the imagery, the last line is superb.

    Happy Rally.

    visit your peers, let us know after you made 18 comments.

  2. Heaven says:

    I agree, the last line kills it!

    Nice to meet you!

  3. Malini says:

    Amazing.. lovely imagery.
    “With peeping rain shattering on the sand”

  4. pure2core says:

    oh! amazing… superb write…

  5. Beautiful. “I’m stitched to daily conformity.” You be killin it:)

  6. What to say. I like the beginning rhyme it flowed well it seemed to have gotten a bit choppy after that as it expressed the true meaning of the poem. Though over all it was a beautiful piece and one you should be proud of. 🙂 keep up the good work.

    No feeling is without cause,

    Shoeless Boy Wonder

    • jagring says:

      I appreciate you comment. The choppy bit; is it because it is paragraph-less or it something to do with the wordplay, which if its the former that wordpress have been giving me problems regarding paragraphs, but if its the latter that I apologise for my crude skill ..!!

  7. “I’m stitched to daily conformity.”
    Absolutely genius! Loved it from top to bottom.Very thought provoking

  8. Sharp words! Loved the poem.

  9. FreeHarry says:

    Perfect peroration, a very nice poem that carries deep commentary 🙂

  10. Oh wow very impressive deep and emotional. Love the last line

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