A Note In Hand

Time, flew by with fun and fright,

Bonded in blood were fear and excite.

Amidst the venture of uncertain length and lameness;

Felt more worthwhile to respire to fading brim of delight


Shadows that have dawned a thousand times,

And crippled hope down to dirt

Have failed to hinder this reclusive pleasure,

Proving it all the more absurd.


Solitary gesture of deceitful abandonment,

Emancipates my weary reclusive pleasure

And brings to light a hidden world,

To which only few have ventured.


Get me not wrong, I admit I’m crazy, 

Nor is this an approval request

Neither is this an act to reprimand

But merely, a note in hand.

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12 Responses to A Note In Hand

  1. Judy Roney says:

    I love the sounds of the words you have put together even when I don’t give meaning to them. Bravo! I love, “Shadows that have dawned a thousand times, And crippled hope down to dirt”. Wow!

  2. Jingle says:

    a note in hand indeed,
    delightful portrayal of life’s complexity,
    love it.

    welcome back, Happy Rally.

  3. I agree with Judy that was also my favorite line. Beautiful vocabulary. Loved it =)

  4. invite you to take our week 5 writing challenge,
    anything comes to mind would be awesome to share,
    hope to see your in.
    Happy Saturday.

    keep up the excellence.

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