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Reclusive Confinement

The hunt for escape roots has begun Amidst their fragile lives slapped with insecurity. “ How do I get out of here ? Is there some place else where I can be happy ? ”   Overshadowed with intolerable compulsion, … Continue reading

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The Most Curious Poet Award

Once again, I’m absolutely delighted to receive a yet another award and I’m really thankful to all the organizer’s and participants And I would like to Nominate Emily Jane and Fiveloaf  for the next week..!!

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Thunder On Intervals

Here, again, in this empty room I stand, With peeping rain shattering on the sand; A cherished past in my own hands The mighty thunder’s face smiling at me How it satisfies this longing irony.   Alone on this comforting … Continue reading

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Necessary Compromise

He kicked the ball to him, and he passes it on to another, And that was yesterday; today, the ball game is another. The race that starts from every mother’s womb Takes us to varied heights, causing erosion of our … Continue reading

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Drifting Journey

 A drifting journey finally concludes on this shore What’s even more surprising, was that I didn’t know For how long this drifting journey have been my life’s part Now that it has ended, I feel, am not a part- Part … Continue reading

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A Note In Hand

Time, flew by with fun and fright, Bonded in blood were fear and excite. Amidst the venture of uncertain length and lameness; Felt more worthwhile to respire to fading brim of delight   Shadows that have dawned a thousand times, … Continue reading

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