And Yet…

Must the heart feel so heavy when there are no stars in the sky?

And yet feel the chill of loving somebody when it gently breezes by

Must the street lamps everywhere be distanced in perfect symmetry?

And yet find no solution to our pattern-less pattern of life’s perpetuity


Must the memory of someone lost linger on like a parasite?

And yet forgetting them is sometimes what we really despise

Must we be merry when streets flock with celebration?

And yet feel perfectly displaced upon every drum beats unison


Must another rise in the place of the fallen only to wear his shoes uncleaned?

And yet demand for the risen to step down, for yet another to replace him

Must the sun be followed by the moon or has it always the other way been?

And yet we find no answer to determine when day or night begins


Must He be spoken of as everyone’s bower or just a symbol of advent?

And yet they erect walls uncertain whether to protect or prevent

Must this poem see its dusk or pause for a new beginning in pretence

And yet this poem has found its path and finally rolled up to its end

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20 Responses to And Yet…

  1. Jingle says:

    the poem finds its way here,

    well done.

  2. no it mustn’t and yes it must as this is life…splendid work!
    I enjoyed it greatly, thanks 🙂

  3. honeyhaiku says:

    This is quiet lovely, I really enjoy the poem’s tone.

  4. fiveloaf says:

    nice one and thanks for the vote my friend.. my potluck..

  5. lunawitch15 says:

    it found it’s way to my eyes and heart. well done!

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  8. Profound and beautiful

  9. meiro says:

    Nice one….enjoy reading your work.

  10. Mihir Vatsa says:

    I loved the rhyme, though sentences became a li’l longer at some parts but the rhyme was intact.

    Good work.

    Best regards!

  11. One to keep thinking about – insight is in here.

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