Did You..??

I held your hand and helped you cross the road

And sung lullabies till your little eyes closed;

Raced to embrace beside you the morning sun,

And blamed myself when the day wasn’t fun.


I cheated time for another second with you

And cherished every moment between us two,

Ensured to satisfy your midnight cravings

And every moment I wonder what you’re doing.


I gave you mine when you needed a hand

Even picked it up when you dropped a pen;

Tucked you tight when the night turned cold

And even dreamed to watch you grow old.


Now with a question you confront me that if for you I  have ever cared

I bear no answer to such anomaly, nor all my deeds measured can bear

So I raise the question back to you, “Did you even felt cared ..??”

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15 Responses to Did You..??

  1. Jingle says:

    eloquent arguments.

    Happy Writing.

  2. lunawitch15 says:

    touching! full of emotion!

  3. miffalicious says:

    This was such a walk down memory lane for me. ❤

  4. Jingle says:

    cool expressions.



  5. ha! how ungrateful!!! 😦

    This sounds like a child to a parent. I did find that children tend to be quite ungrateful, it is as if their parents never did enough. They never noticed 😦 sad


    • jagring says:

      Truth is always sour… even if told like the sweetest tale.. No matter how much we want to dis-associate ourself’s from this reality, still we are part of such a society..!!

  6. Chimnese says:

    inspiring but touchy to heart…

  7. pure2core says:

    Amazing one…. Jagring Lovely verses…. Have no words to express…..

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