Mundane Contrary

I refuse to hold your hand when we walk

Does that mean that I cherish being apart?

I will not shed a tear when you depart,

Does that mean I bear no feelings on my part?


I dreamt of becoming an artist, now I’m an architect.

Nothing seems to take permanency in human respect.

All that is, is a contrary error, prevalent and mundane

Thoughts, actions and feelings are always seen the same


What you may see, I may never behold,

But what lies beneath, no one ever cared to know.


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35 Responses to Mundane Contrary

  1. It sure is a poem that set many thinking.. thought-provoking in some ways.. But yeah, in some ways, I find myself asking those questions and having similar thoughts too..

    Here is mine for Thurs Rally,

  2. Jingle says:

    lovely entry,

    poets rally week 40 is finally on,
    have fun..

  3. ladynimue says:

    I am one of those who can not tell the person concerned how I feel though i may write and say a lot of him/her to others .. Liked this poem .. lot !

    • jagring says:

      The same flows here.. I find this an easier way to express myslef.. though I’m pretty sure the person concern might not be reading it..!!

  4. danroberson says:

    Underneath the calm exterior feelings run deep, and no one bothers to ask, to discover the you that lives inside. Good poem.

  5. Bodhirose says:

    I really like this. It’s true–we don’t know what’s inside and below the surface of other human beings–but we judge anyway–so sad.

  6. jagring says:

    Thank you very much, really appreciate each comment. Atleast there are still few who see the world that I do..!!

  7. bendedspoon says:

    no one can really know even — even if they try. great write 🙂

  8. Ramesh Sood says:

    I think everything is fine.. why should we expect anyone to try to understand us.. .have we understood ourselves.. journey first is with in and then the other way.. if the need to get understood is there , why keep things hidden under layers.. from the one from whom we want to be understood.. be open.. to get closer.. and get understood.. Whatever.. we are different.. therefore different perceptions…. but then we all are right.. I respect you rthoughts which are pretty deep..

    • jagring says:

      The complications faced by every individual is different, I’m not a judge of your opinions too like you said everyone is right. I guess a small quote could justify, ‘to know others is clever, to know oneself is enlightened..!!’

  9. JL Dodge says:

    True honest friendships are only obtained when we put blinders on our eyes and look beyond the flesh…
    Great write for the rally…
    ours is

    • jagring says:

      At times is a friend whose company can satisfy you more than even a lover. you think a thousand times before you can actually tell him/her something and in the process make sure you do not hurt his/her feelings, but when it comes to a friend, no second thought is required nor the fear of hurting the other, becasue the relation already provides assurance and confidence against any fickle turbulance..!!

  10. Alcina says:

    So very true!…I could totally relate to your post.

  11. -D says:

    I LOVE LOVE IT! Loved the rhyme and flow and so true. At times, we’re being taken at face-value not really bothering that there is always more than what is shown. 🙂

    • jagring says:

      The pre-encrypted society these days does not allocate for anything less than face value, and expects us to operate on the given outlines , and fail to realize the we are still humans..!!

  12. Neeraja says:

    Wow!!! That touched a nerve. Loved it!!!

    “What you may see, I may never behold,

    But what lies beneath, no one ever cared to know.”

    Just simply beautiful!!!

  13. I think some care to know what lies beneath but they refuse to open up 🙂
    I enjoyed your flow, enjoy the rally!

  14. Jingle says:

    thanks for the participation, please visit poets who were here for you.

    have fun..


  15. Julie Laing says:

    I love the line about nothing taking permanency–so much truth in that statement. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Vinay says:

    so true.. many just care for the cover, that they don’t look at the inside.. truthful poetry this.. thanks for sharing..

    Here’s My Poem For Poets Rally

    • jagring says:

      Many remain acquaintances and to dig deeper into their personal life’s would be just rude and I guess it is at this point we are left with no choice but to accept face value..!!

  17. true conversation and candid expressions

  18. M.A.S. says:

    I enjoy the candor. And I love the last line!

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