In Dust

What peril could persist and distract my attention,

When this wrecked soul longs,

But only for your affection


What joy could he hope for; when,

His face is lit with a smile,

But only at your presence.


What touch could entrust in him hope,

When he knows not another day,

But only at your bosoms.


Pity his wrecked heart for he knows not what he does,

With her unknown, he’s better off in dust.


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4 Responses to In Dust

  1. Jingle says:

    well written…

    invite you to join poets rally…

    you will get more feedback once you link your entry in..

    poetry awards are a plus…

    hope to see you around…
    Happy Weekend.

  2. jagring says:

    The pleasure is all mine..!!

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