Love’s Debt

With freshness in the air, when love seems so divine;

Two separate souls, with love are combined.

Trembling through the monsoon, the souls shield each other

Will quake not for love, when hindrances appear.


Taking gaily each sorrow, as a love’s favour

Obstinate and undaunted, though wise men call it queer.

Swear to every path is made, regardless to remain twain,

Challenges even the Gods with no fear to desolate.


Through the glen it enters, as affection dwindles,

Corrupt and unkempt, wistfulness lingers.

Pillars are wavered, which cause requisite love to creep

When blossoms but only vein, misunderstanding turns heap.


Those loving favours, all is now a debt,

A painful truth, hidden the world has kept.

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17 Responses to Love’s Debt

  1. John says:

    WOW! A Must Read Of Poetry. One of the BEST I have seen. Thanks for the privilege.

  2. Jingle says:

    amazing words…
    thanks for sharing…


  3. A.B. Thomas says:

    A great write! It was akin to the sensation of looking down a darkened alley to see flickers and imagining what the mind wills….

  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    Clearly you worked hard on this. Very fine work. Well thought out.

    “Monsoon” – are you in India or from India? If so, check out Sunday Rally Dispatch earlier today on Jingle Poetry for an anthology of Indian English writers that is being assembled by Indus Valley. I’m sure you’d have a decent shot at entry. You’re good.


  5. bendedspoon says:

    change of heart, hurts. perfect poem 🙂

    • jagring says:

      Everything changes, but when things we didn’t expect to change, changes… well thats when things don’t seem to hit the correct chords..!!

  6. trisha says:

    beautifully captured deep, true love. beautiful poem.


  7. jagring says:

    Thank you very much everyone, its an encouragement for a yet more better poems to come… ( hopefully..) ..!!

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