I know that we do not see the same thing as they are,

Yet in you I’ve always found a pillar for my beliefs;

He who kept me away from going astray,

Also remain the reason for the days that I was gay

For the times that I’ve cried, you’ve embraced me.

And lifted me to the sky when I couldn’t bend my knee,


All there was were shillings to fill our plate,

Yet a birthday cake came never too late,

I hope you still recall those days of accident,

Not to mention the kidnap, and ambush insurgent confinement.

Hard times for sure they were, but in the end

Having you beside made it all the more worthwhile.


I guess time does run out on everyone, and is not up to us mortals to defy it.

This man that I pride in to call my father,

Has for my every step laid bricks and mortar.

For all my life, you’ve been a roof above my head,

Can I be half a man that you were, and hold a shelter about yours?

I fear, but I vow to try my best.

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