When sharing feels more satisfying than filling ones belly,

When staying up whole night is more refreshing than a sound sleep.

Even her cook junk taste better than an Italian cuisine,

When evening walks are more refreshing than drive in a limousine,

When gentle soft music seem more serene than a Friday night concert;

Just holding hands feels better than dancing in the club.

Find peace in isolation, the world disappears from their presence.

Forget today, there never was tomorrow;

When both are gazing at the stars above,

That’s when you know that you are in love.

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12 Responses to Lovers

  1. Neeraja says:

    The small, sweet things are what matters the most. Are what remains the most special. The sweet nothings of life! Loved it. So simple and so pure! Happy rallying!!!

  2. Jingle says:

    lovely message.

    well expressed …have fun…

  3. danroberson says:

    When you forget all except being with your heartmate, that’s truly love. I enjoyed your poem.

  4. seabell says:

    That’s it… Very nice!

  5. lunawitch15 says:

    that is so true. apt.

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