2 Weeks To Bloom

She gave me the confidence that I couldn’t deny, even the courage to say ‘Hi’.

And became the perfect mate that stood for my faith.

Two weeks established the closeness of age old friends, envied by the world.

Little was known two weeks later, its consequences would be incurable.


Weirdo as I’m known to many did prove to no one wrong.

But gave her a sense of insecurity which only I was left unknown.

Her sheer Independence and Freedom never failed to impress me,

Topped with the outright bluntness right to the very core as can be.


The thriving blossom that she is creates an epistemology,

Veiling her true self from the contemporary.

The web of anti-commitment she sprung around her, leaves

Not a stone for a foot to set, nor a rope for a hand to hold.


Quixotic evolved to chaotic, like sour honey or rain in sunshine.

Was no fault of hers, was no fault of mine, or maybe just mine.

How is it now that the tiger runs away at the sight of a deer.

Things life makes it look so queer.


Is it just a passing storm or is it the dead end; will be ever be cool again..??

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