Freedom Of Love


Lucky are those who gets to embrace love

Even on its momentary

Most of us just get by in anticipation,

In regret, in jealousy, in anger, in melancholy.


In search of a just and equitable world where

All can love whoever they choose,

Where love is free, love is pure,

Where love comes with no inhibitions.


One’s freedom to love, shouldn’t dictate

Another’s to reciprocate.

Despite of all the people they could’ve loved,

They chose to love you.


In the ocean of ever changing space and time

Coping along with unpredictable tides

They have the freedom to love you from here till there,

Yet they choose still, to love you.


That once upon a time, despite all odds

If not forever, at least for a while

You chose to love me.

And that’s all that matters.

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Suddenly the room shrank,

Made me claustrophobic,

Anxiety gripped me and my heart raced.


My heart knew before me

That you’ve walked into the room.


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Staring at the ceiling,

As the moonlight peeps through my window,

 I lay in bed, still…

And you appear, wrapping your arms around me

You lie over me,

My chest embraces your dreary face

And no sooner,

My solitary longing comes crashing, defaced.


These hands,

They remain warm, lingers of your touch

These shoulders

They remain moist, soaked in your tears

These arms

Still stretched out, in reminiscence of your embrace

And these lips,

They still crave, that you’ve so fondly moistened.


What magic is this you provoke?

For your single smile, my all I’d gladly surrender

What life is this to call my own?

If my whole, to you, completely, I’ve not surrendered.

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These convolutions of emotion stifle me

Strangle me to suffocation,

In an attempt to burst out of my own being

Into a nuclear explosion.


Without you, I feel I’m nowhere

As if I’ve lost my focal point;

As if my life’s a little vague

Little aimless, and has no point.


What remains are evaporated dreams,

Damp ambitions hung to dry.

One abandoned soul, a tearless cry;

One lifeless being and a grayscale heart.

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Hiatus Mind

This temperamental rain has soaked me in your longing,

Your caresses fall upon me, dripping

This hiatus mind, losing focus, lost from this earthly living

My obsession for you is exploding.


When everything around is turning lush and green,

Why am I the only one sinking?

When the skies are filled with birds chirping,

Where has my heart lost its beating?


I’ve surrendered my heart, my soul,

My joy in you I render

My fair lady,

For forever, my love to you I surrender.

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Narcissistic Experimentalism

Demolishing my aspirations,

Who were you to inflict such scar?

A little dream I dreamt for my own

You had to toss it afar.

Was it jealousy or a superiority complex?

Or a constant need to feed your own narcissism;

But why am I the hamster

Of your experimentalism.


The very shoulder you promised to lift,

Now you trample upon.

I take flight with broken wings, knowing

I’m neither yours nor my own.

I didn’t become a sculpture of your desired carving,

Nor have I learnt to captain my ship.

Torn between the both, I’ve become a creation,

A misfit, which this world gives a slip.

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To The Heart

The cold gown of silence she adorns,

Is piercing and deafeningly loud;

To the heart…

And you thought sirens were loud.


A single tear streaming down her eyes,

Inflicts instantaneous and severe wound;

To the heart…

And you thought knives were sharp.

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Torn Craving

She wants him to wipe her tears

She wants him to hold her tight,

And tell her that everything will be alright.

She wants him to brave her fears

She wants him to ease her pain,

And tell her that all her effort was not in vain.


She wants him to kiss her

She wants him to be there,

And tell her he’ll be with her everywhere.

She wants him to hug her

She wants him to sit beside,

But its not you she wants by her side.

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Dark Rain


The rattling sound of rain trembling on the roof

Engulfs me in cold embrace of comfort and familiarity,

Very few can breeze past the maze that leads to me

But your beckons sway me rather quite easily.


Something about this nocturnal life is infused with energy,

Stories behind this low lid tide squeals to break free;

With rain pearls kissing my skin, we become one in unison

The rain and I, we are destined.


What is it about you my beloved damp night

Or is it a magnitude within me,

That draws us even closer to feel completeness

Like opposite poles of magnet be.


How beautiful my bride, your dark hair, moist skin;

Your rumbling voice, and electrifying kisses.

Alas! Nor are you a woman, neither am I inanimate;

Like meeting of two poles, forever forbidden.

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Bare Skin

I shelled out my armour,

A single scale at a time.

And I lay fragile before you,

Seeking just a little bit of your time


You ignited a fire,

Barricading walls around me.

But you still remained my desire,

Though you left me here all lonely


You ignited this anger,

This rage grows against you.

I cover my fragile naked self,

With thin sheet of bare skin.


I shed away my anger

With every passing time

For this heart’s convinced of one thing

To have you is divine.

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