Drunk Nights and You


Things we say and do, often when we are sober

Are calculated statements pre accounted for;

For societal dictates and civil conducts.

Often plastic, soulless and painted truths,

True emotions and intents buried deep

In fear of being ostracised or appearing feeble.


The most alive are days when we’ve been true

To oneself and to one’s emotions, inhibition less.

For one night, even under intoxication, we

Have lived the day exactly how we wanted it to be.

Often, we replay these moments in our minds

And imagine how perfect our lives could be.


Allowing oneself to be at the most vulnerable,

Yet reassured that ones back is target-free.

Stories we warmly recollect and share

Have all started with a ‘peg’ or two, to be fair.



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Life’s Essential


I asked you out for a dance

Tipsy chemistry resonated potential

Convinced it was worth a chance

You felt like life’s essentials


Did you foresee a disastrous end

The chapter ending with a cry

Or was it fear for joy pre-labelled as unattainable

That you gave me up without even a try


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Racing Hearts


A greeting hug and sharing a few steps together

Was the unbecoming of a stranger

Dancing at a club, four drinks later

You became more than familiar


A lot of you still unknown

Yet a gut feeling that you’re my own

How effortlessly the night unfolded

Mystically mountains had us remolded


Candle of dither flickers, and childish joy too

Gazing at the empty bed desperately wishing for you

The late night and early start demands that I unwind

So I replay one more glance of you across my mind


It was, but just one night

But for that night, you were my own.

Ever again if the city had you and me,

I wonder if such a night could ever be.


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The Love That Was


Unspoken words choke my throat

Uneasy fears constantly hover above me

These tales of the mute

I narrate to the deaf

Sinful paths have lured me in

Yet I fear no shame or remorse

And when I try to utter another word

Shadow of my own insecurities chokes my breath


 We are

Somehow indispensable

But no longer in love

Somehow complimentary

But stranger to touch


I don’t want you near me; neither do I want you far

Though I call you mine, you don’t feel my own

I lay romancing in someone else’s lap

For your heart have forgotten to love me

I lay ravaged in someone else’s bed

For your hands have forgotten to touch me

I drag these heavy shackles everywhere I go

It’s now the only way to live I know

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Freedom Of Love


Lucky are those who gets to embrace love

Even on its momentary

Most of us just get by in anticipation,

In regret, in jealousy, in anger, in melancholy.


In search of a just and equitable world where

All can love whoever they choose,

Where love is free, love is pure,

Where love comes with no inhibitions.


One’s freedom to love, shouldn’t dictate

Another’s to reciprocate.

Despite of all the people they could’ve loved,

They chose to love you.


In the ocean of ever changing space and time

Coping along with unpredictable tides

They have the freedom to love you from here till there,

Yet they choose still, to love you.


That once upon a time, despite all odds

If not forever, at least for a while

You chose to love me.

And that’s all that matters.

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Suddenly the room shrank,

Made me claustrophobic,

Anxiety gripped me and my heart raced.


My heart knew before me

That you’ve walked into the room.


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Staring at the ceiling,

As the moonlight peeps through my window,

 I lay in bed, still…

And you appear, wrapping your arms around me

You lie over me,

My chest embraces your dreary face

And no sooner,

My solitary longing comes crashing, defaced.


These hands,

They remain warm, lingers of your touch

These shoulders

They remain moist, soaked in your tears

These arms

Still stretched out, in reminiscence of your embrace

And these lips,

They still crave, that you’ve so fondly moistened.


What magic is this you provoke?

For your single smile, my all I’d gladly surrender

What life is this to call my own?

If my whole, to you, completely, I’ve not surrendered.

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These convolutions of emotion stifle me

Strangle me to suffocation,

In an attempt to burst out of my own being

Into a nuclear explosion.


Without you, I feel I’m nowhere

As if I’ve lost my focal point;

As if my life’s a little vague

Little aimless, and has no point.


What remains are evaporated dreams,

Damp ambitions hung to dry.

One abandoned soul, a tearless cry;

One lifeless being and a grayscale heart.

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Hiatus Mind

This temperamental rain has soaked me in your longing,

Your caresses fall upon me, dripping

This hiatus mind, losing focus, lost from this earthly living

My obsession for you is exploding.


When everything around is turning lush and green,

Why am I the only one sinking?

When the skies are filled with birds chirping,

Where has my heart lost its beating?


I’ve surrendered my heart, my soul,

My joy in you I render

My fair lady,

For forever, my love to you I surrender.

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Narcissistic Experimentalism

Demolishing my aspirations,

Who were you to inflict such scar?

A little dream I dreamt for my own

You had to toss it afar.

Was it jealousy or a superiority complex?

Or a constant need to feed your own narcissism;

But why am I the hamster

Of your experimentalism.


The very shoulder you promised to lift,

Now you trample upon.

I take flight with broken wings, knowing

I’m neither yours nor my own.

I didn’t become a sculpture of your desired carving,

Nor have I learnt to captain my ship.

Torn between the both, I’ve become a creation,

A misfit, which this world gives a slip.

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